Building India’s fastest-growing online gaming company is not a game. But having done just that, we now have a long way to go. We believe in creating games with superior technology and craftsmanship. The game’s afoot.

Trying new things fast, an urge to innovate, and an unwavering focus on the user are at the core of everything we do.

Gameskraft is a gaming company launched in June 2017 by a group of highly-experienced tech professionals who are also passionate gamers. We exist to deliver web and mobile games with intuitive design and a seamless user experience. While crafting these products, we ensure our games our completely safe, secure, and ethical.

Already hundreds of thousands of gamers across the country are hooked on to our current product, a Rummy game. Yet, this is a humble start. From the fastest-growing gaming startup of the country, we are all set to become the most-loved gaming company of India. As a proof of the pudding, our online rummy game is already counted among the best rummy sites in India. If you’d like to join our passionate and result-oriented team, drop us a note on

We’re on a journey to build the most-loved gaming ecosystem of India, one game at a time. And the first step is reassuring.

In October 2017, we debuted with an Indian Rummy cash game that already enjoys wild popularity for its technology, transparency, and user-centricity. With our vision and this learning behind us, we will be launching two more games that India loves to play: Poker and Fantasy League.

Cinque Terre

You or I might seldom do great things. But together, we can achieve the unthinkable. We will be unstoppable.

Making fantastic games starts with our employees. Our Employees connect to each other through culture, lifestyle, advocacy and fun. Working at Gameskraft is like working with your friends who share the passion to build a world class gaming company. While we are focused on churning out the most loved games for our customers, we don’t forget to have fun ourselves on the way. We encourage entrepreneurial style of working and ideas from all corners are welcome, appreciated and implemented based on merit. While we are one big team, for the sake of clarity we have created certain business functions. All the functions work together make the workplace on big family.

Here are the business functions that we have:


They not only develop the finest games and strongest tech infrastructures, but have a gala time while they are at this. Yes, and they have a rocking party once in a while.


They are the ones who envision the best product features and make the user experience smooth as silk. If eye for detail had a unit of measurement it would have been Gameskraft product team. Doing all this while listening to some cool music and cracking some amazing jokes.


The name itself explains what they do, they take care of user interface and user experience. They visualize and design customer journeys and each and every screen that we put inside our games is thoughtfully created by this team and don’t worry if you see them singing weird songs during their morning standup meetings.


These guys are our single point of contact for all our customers. Weather it be Kudos or a few words of strong feedback here and there, these guys take it all in their stride. These guys are our go to people for all things that concern our customers.

Data Sciences:

These guys carry titles like data analyst, data scientist etc. But don’t get fooled by the titles, they are one of the most fun people to be around. They are the radar of the ship called Gameskraft. They find sense in most random data patterns and are marvelous story tellers. And they back their stories up with some really strong numbers.


These folks are the ones who help keep the cash registers ringing for the company. They get new folks to try and games and also get people hooked on to our games. Members of this team can be seen on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Hotstar and still claim that they are working.


The business team keeps a very close watch on the day to day workings of the business and also come up with long term and short term strategy. These guys are born multi taskers, they can write code and compose music as well, if the situation demands so.

Coding Challenge:

Welcome to Gameskraft coding challenge "Codekraft". Codekraft aims to get the best coders, showcasing their skills and solving complex problems through code. If this interests you, read on...

Show of your skills & be our next big coder. Codekraft will be held on Jan, 2021. If you are a Btech and completing your graduation in 2021, this is for you. Registration Link will be open soon.